Todd County, Minnesota "P" Surnames

The following is a list of surnames being actively researched by the individuals listed.

PACHAN - Katherine Booker-Lammle

PALOKANGAS - Heather Roark

PASSON - Sherry Passon Wray

PEET - Carol Smead

PERRY - Beverly Oliver

PERSON - Lynn McGuire

PESCHEL - Marilu Peschel Thurman

PESHEL - Marilu Peschel Thurman

PETERSON (Olaf B. or Gladys) - Herb and Barb Draeger

PETERSON (Arthur) - Linda Shurtleff

PHILLIPS - Patrick B. Phillips, Jr.


POUND - Elisabeth Pound

POWELL - Tom Armstrong

PRILL - Sylvia Bryan  Added Jul 2017

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