Todd County, Minnesota "M" Surnames

The following is a list of surnames being actively researched by the individuals listed.

MANN - Beverly Oliver

MAPES - Linda Bowdin

MASSLICH - Richard Zimmerman

MCBRIDE - Carol Smead

MCCRADY - Sharon L. (McCrady) Stone

MCDONALD - Patrick B. Phillips, Jr.

MCFALL - Ruth Milsop

MCGUIRE - Lynn McGuire

MEE - Tamra Sluder

MEEK - Alan D. Irons

MEYER - Barbara Paller

MILLER - Beverly Oliver

MAPES - Linda Bowdin

MARTIN - Joyce Hartman

MASSLICH - Richard Zimmerman

MOE - Deb

MORRELL - Teri Gregg

MORSE - Tamra Sluder

MORSS - Tamra Sluder



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